Boston Terriers

These Energetic Pups Will Keep You on Your Toes

Boston terriers, known as the “American Gentleman” and “Boston Bull,” are sprightly, obedient and graceful. According to the Westminster Kennel Club, few other breeds compare to the Boston terrier when it comes to being companion and a house pet.

Boston terriers consistently rank among the most sought out dog. In 2017, this black and white tuxedo-patterned pup was ranked the 21st most frequently registered according to American Kennel Club statistics.

Boston terrier

The history of the Boston-bred dog is well documented. It began in 1865, when Robert C. Cooper imported a dog known as Hooper’s Judge from England to his home in New England. This stocky, 32 pound pup became the primary ancestor of the Boston terrier as we know it and love it today, according to Boston Terrier Hub. Ultimately, the breed is a cross between the English terrier and the English bulldog. It was established as the Boston terrier in 1891.

Bred to be a companion dog, Boston terriers generally have a gentle disposition, making them terrific pets for families with children.

Bred to be a companion dog, Boston terriers generally have a gentle disposition, making them terrific pets for families with children. That said, they need heaps of attention. If they are left alone or bored, they could resort to chewing, biting or barking, so keep plenty of dog-safe chew toys on hand!

While these dapper dogs are choc-a-block with energy, they require moderate exercise. (They are equally great for country and apartment living.) They are graceful yet athletic dogs that excel at agility tests and track and obedience tasks. These well-mannered pups are also intelligent, quick learners that make them an absolute cinch to train.

Boston terrier

Boston terriers come with short, fine coats that require minimum grooming. They tend to come in the colors brindle, seal or black with white markings.

Fun Facts About Boston Terriers

  • The Governor of Massachusetts Edward King made the Boston terrier the state dog in 1979.
  • In some versions of the book, “The Wizard of Oz,” Toto is illustrated as a Boston terrier.
  • President Gerald R. Ford had two Boston terriers, Spot and Fleck.
  • The Boston terrier was recognized by the AKC in 1893.
Boston terrier

Medical Issues

  • Boston terriers are brachycephailc dogs (dogs with a short face and prominent eyes).  The short face predisposes the breed to upper respiratory problems and snoring. Their prominent eyes make them susceptible to eye injuries.   
  • The breed also has a higher incidence of skin and systemic cancer than most breeds of dogs.

Boston terriers might drool and snore but most of their unfavorable traits end there. They are enthusiastic, playful pups that make wonderful companions.