5 Ways to Dump Pet Poop

New Solutions Facilitate the Call of Doody

There are undoubtedly many things you enjoy doing with your dog. Lounging in the backyard on a sunny day. Walks in the park. Maybe a stroll on the beach.

Picking up his or her doody? Eh, not so much fun.

Media reports indicate the average dog poops three-quarters of a pound every day. That’s roughly 274 pounds of waste you’re dumping throughout the year.

There are 71 million dogs in America, according to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association. Pet owners are collecting a whopping 4,000,000 pounds of poop each year.

Are you an overworked pooper scooper? Here are five ways to make the call of doody a little easier.

Plus XE Compost Bin

1. Plus XE Compost Bin

This nifty gadget not only lets you compost kitchen waste like lemons, avocado pits and banana peels, it also processes pet waste, kitty litter and cage beddings.

The Plus XE Compost Bin mixes automatically in a sealed tumbler and has a carbon filter that removes odors so it’s safe to use indoors. Every four hours, your compost items are processed until completely ground into small particles.

The catch? You still have to pick up your pet’s doody. On the plus side, you’ll have fresh compost for your garden.


2. Poop-Freeze

We’ve seen a lot of cutting-edge technology in the dawn of the new millennium. Poop-Freeze™ definitely ranks up there as a new age concept.

The company’s tag line, “Just Frost & Toss with Poop Freeze,” sure sounds promising. Available in a 4 or 10 oz CFC-free spray canister — which the company says is safe to use on your both your carpet and lawn — just aim, spray, and watch your dog’s poop frost to a cool -62° F.

Will Poop-Freeze improve your super scooping abilities? It supposedly removes most smells on contact and works just as well on cat litter and bird droppings.

Power Pooch System

3. Power Pooch System

No, it’s not a Dyson, it’s a cordless poop power shovel!

You can clean up serious messes with the Pooch Power System. It’s cordless, so you can easily carry it to your yard without worrying about navigating around an electrical outlet.

Because it’s shaped like a vacuum cleaner, you never have to bend over to pick up your dog’s doody — the motor sucks the waste in, and then disposes it in a specially designed biodegradable plastic bag.

The lightweight power shovel comes with a rechargeable battery that allows you to pick up waste on a daily or weekly basis.

4. Pawsby PooPatroller®


For the discernable dog owner, this concealed pooper scooper is a three-in-one gadget: It scoops poop, carries your keys and serves as a removable water bowl.

But, wait. There’s more: The Pawsby PooPatroller also comes with an attached crank flashlight, a hemp leash and collar, and storage space for extra biodegradable bags.

Better yet, you won’t be seen carrying your dog’s doody bag by your fingertips at arm’s length. This scooper is disguised as a cute dog leash contraption; no one will suspect you’re toting poop.

5. Doggie Doo Drain

Doo the green thing!

Doggie Doo Drain

If you’re at odds with sending your pet’s doody to the landfill, here’s a solution for you. The Doggie Doo Drain screws into your existing sewer cleanout (no plumber required!). No digging, no chemicals and no hassle, according to the company.

Your pet’s waste goes directly into the sewer line along with yours. All you need to do is screw in a Doogie Doo Drain cylinder to your septic tank. Dump your dog’s doody into the cylinder and then rinse down with a hose.

No more smelly garbage in your garage, no more flies buzzing around your backyard.

Picking up doody will never be fun, but at least you can make it more interesting.