5 Best Cat Toys

Keep Your Cat Thrilled with this Popular Variety

Cat toy

With the wide selection of cat toys on the market today, it may be overwhelming to find the one that is just perfect for Miss Whiskers.

The best cat toys are the ones that your cat loves to play with and can keep her occupied for hours. If you have a younger cat who's very active, consider enrolling in a personalized toy and treat subscription, such as Meowbox, which customizes the selections for your cat and sends them on a month-to-month, three-month or six-month plan.

Here, we explore some of the available toy options that you can find in stores and online.

1. Interactive (Dangling) Toys

Cat plays with toy

Cats like to chase things, and toys with feathers or fur—especially on the end of a stick or plastic rod—not only intrigue your cat when you dangle it in front of her, but allow her to practice her natural hunting instinct as she tracks or swipes at it.

These toys, readily available at pet superstores, are great interactive toys for both you and your cat or kitten, and are easy and lightweight to maneuver.

The added bonus is that it encourages your feline friend get some healthy exercise, especially if she is overweight.

2. Feathered (and Noisy) Mice

Cat plays with toy

What is it about feathers and cats? By popular demand, feathers appear to be the main attraction on a variety of "mouse" toys, which come in a variety of shapes such as bird heads, Opossums, and gophers. These toys usually contain rattles to capture your cat's attention.

3. Scratchy Boxes

Cat scratches on scratchy pad

Cats also love to scratch and dig their claws into things. Scratchy boxes, as they are often referred to, are made of cardboard and come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from rectangles and mats to door hangers and loungers.

Not only are these cat pads good scratching solutions for your cat, but they’re relatively inexpensive and help keep your kitty’s claws well-manicured while doing something that comes naturally to her. A light dusting with catnip really gets kitty’s claws going.

4. Catnip Crazies

Cat examines cat nip

It’s a fact: cats go crazy for catnip. A member of the mint family of aromatic herbs, catnip causes cats to behave strangely, such as meowing or rolling where the catnip has been sprinkled, purring and salivating, or running around a room with a sudden jolt of energy.

Combine catnip with a small stuffed mouse or ball, and you will have one playful kitty on your hands.

5. At-Home Finds

Cat sits in a box

Some of the best cat toys can be items you have readily available at home, such as a ball of paper, a crinkled ball of aluminum foil, a golf tee or a plastic milk carton ring. Cats also love to attack paper bags and shipping boxes, often jumping inside, then sitting inside the new toy in triumph.

Safety First

No matter what toy you give your cat, make sure it’s safe and durable. Beware of toys that can rip or tear easily, or have small parts that can your kitty can pull off and choke on. A simple ball of yarn can be dangerous to your cat if she chews on the yarn and it gets stuck in her throat—or worse—she swallows it and it shreds her intestines. Make sure to supervise your cat when playing with any small toy.

Unfortunately, there isn’t one universal toy that works for all cats. Depending on your cat’s personality, you may have to present her with a variety of choices to see which ones are to her liking.